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Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to Kendall! She was Pasadena's nomination for the PACE Award and was honored at the banquet dinner last week for her outstanding character. Kendall is recognized by her peers as caring, respectful, hardworking and kind. Kendall's leadership abilities shine bright at Pasadena!
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Pasadena Play Day

Play Day is NEXT week! We have lots of volunteers (23), but not quite enough for all stations (34). Please sign up if you're able to. We'd like to have all 17 stations out so the kids can get more time with each.
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Help Pasadena reach their goal for a $2,000 STEM Grant!

Help Pasadena reach their goal for a $2,000 STEM Grant!

Pasadena Park Elementary will be hosting another Blood Drive on Thursday, May 17th, from 12:30pm-5:30pm. We need 33 more appointments / units to reach our goal for the STEM grant.

We would like to thank anyone who is considering or has scheduled to donate blood. We appreciate YOU!

To make your life-saving appointment now, click read full story.

YOU alone can help up to 3 people in our community with a single blood donation. As the only supplier of blood to area hospitals, INBC needs 200 donors per day to supply the community with the components needed for Chemo therapy, Transfusions, and Major Surgeries.
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